We Are The VIP Parking Heathrow Experts. About Us. VIP Heathrow Ltd is a family run business and the owner of the VIP brand. VIP, which began life in 2004 offering parking services at Heathrow Airport.

We are trusted by so many people that we no longer advertise our services other than on our own or our affiliates’ websites, merely relying on repeat customers and recommendations for our business –

If there is any one thing that illustrates how our customers feel about VIP, then this is it.

Our ethos is to bring peace of mind, great prices and fantastic service to all your travel requirements including parking at Heathrow, Gatwick and other airports.

Our comprehensive range of services brings great packages including villa holidays, car rentals, hotel holidays and so on to business people and holidaymakers alike.

Our professional and reliable personal service is what we are renowned for and has become recognized as standard by all our customers. Our staff are unwaveringly professional, reliable and highly efficient.

Our remarkably low prices and very high level of service are something we are rightly proud to have achieved given the tough economic climate in the past few years.

Our promise to our customers is that the more services you book with us, the more you will save.

So remember it is a symbiotic relationship where we both benefit from each other. You help us increase our business and we help you to reduce your costs and get great service at the same time. One discount can suddenly become 2, 3 or 4 and your travel costs can substantially decrease, so it’s well worth it!

To help our customers get even better value we provide a choice of the ‘all inclusive’ price option or the ‘pay as you go’ option where you’ll only pay for extras as they arise. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, VIP offers value and choice so you get the best deal for your Heathrow airport parking – without compromising on quality.