Be Protected: EHIC Card & Travel Insurance

What’s the latest in the world of Heathrow airport and travel from the experts in quality airport parking at Heathrow?  Travelling abroad is great when it all goes smoothly. Most of us travelling abroad will have a happy and healthy time when we are away.  However, it’s always good to take advantage of freebies that give you extra peace of mind e.g. should anything go wrong with your health when you are away.

In additional to having Travel Insurance, The EUROPEAN Health Insurance Card – otherwise known as the EHIC – is free and entitles you to free or discounted medical care whilst travelling in all 28 European Union (EU) countries, plus some others. It essentially means you can be treated the same way as a citizen of the country you are visiting. Whilst some free treatment is available, if in some instances you are required to pay then you are only required to pay the same local rates.

But, contrary to some Briton’s beliefs, the EHIC is not a magic wand for free medical treatment and should never be used as a substitute for travel insurance. Personally, knowing the hassle that goes with submitting a travel insurance claim combined with the fact you are out of pocket first and then have to wait (a long time to be refunded if I’m lucky), this card sounds good to have as well. It might avoid some hassle if anything goes wrong with my health when I am on my hols. I accept that if something unrelated to my health goes wrong such as lost baggage, then I will have to fall back on my travel insurance to try to seek some recompense.

Having an EHIC may mean that you don’t have to claim on your travel insurance and pay an excess for minor injuries. Look at it as complementing your own travel insurance rather than replacing it.

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Heathrow Airport Parking Made Easy:

If you need parking near Heathrow airport whilst you travel, at least the parking can be one less thing to stress about providing you choose carefully. Ensure your trip is as stress-free as possible by choosing VIP Heathrow meet and greet parking. Also known valet parking, this parking method means you are met outside the terminal at a pre-arranged time and your vehicle will be parked for you so you can go straight to check-in. No bus transfer is necessary.

VIP Heathrow Ltd is definitely a trustworthy, firm customer favourite for meet and greet car parking at Heathrow, with 80% of VIP’s weekly bookings coming from customers who have used them before or who have been recommended to VIP by family / friends. So if you are flying from one of the World’s busiest airports: Heathrow – we strongly advise booking VIP Heathrow valet parking.  Make sure you opt for the VIP FLEXI or GOLD Heathrow parking service option if travelling in peak periods or on business to ensure you get priority customer status and waiting time is kept minimal. Check out their genuine independent reviews on The Review Centre online via:

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