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These days, travellers flying from Heathrow Airport, who also need car parking, face a daunting task. What used to be a pretty straight forward decision e.g. Park & Ride bus transfer service or Meet & Greet outside the airport, has now become very complicated. Since Purple Parking got into financial difficulty in 2017, which resulted in the loss of thousands of their spaces being now used for building development, there is often a shortage of affordable park & ride parking services. The on-airport park & ride bus option can be costly and often sell out. There is often slim pickings for park & ride off-airport during a peak.

Travellers can consider meet & greet / valet Heathrow airport parking, where you are met outside the Terminal and the parking operator take your car away to be parked. If you are okay with the concept of someone else driving your car on your behalf, this really can be a fantastic solution due to the convenience (especially in the middle of winter so you don’t have to hang about in the cold). However, this part of the market is now simply flooded with parking companies. The issue is that many of these operators unfortunately ‘cut corners’ behind the scenes and there are often reports of customers returning to huge delays, car damage and even car loss temporarily in some extreme cases. This is the last thing any customers want after a flight back to the frantic and colossal Heathrow.

If you decide to opt for meet & greet but want to avoid a head ache, here are a few handy hints to fast-track the decision making process;

  1. Book in advance– especially if travelling in a peak. The best car parks often fill up quickly. Ideally four weeks in advance should give you the best choice. If you turn up on the day and plead for them to fit you in- the parking company can name their price!
  2. Park Mark award which confirms the car park in question is up to scratch & secure- make sure whoever you book with has the Park Mark award.
  3. Cheapest price? Handle with care– many operators selling at the cheapest price have cut corners in order to offer that price. You don’t want to return to Heathrow to learn your car has been parked on the roadside outside a residential estate being vandalized while you were away (or parked in a muddy field). You also probably don’t want a reckless, immature driver behind the wheel of your car.
  4. Independent customer reviews online– don’t bother with the reviews published on the operator’s website because often they will delete any negative reviews. Go to independent review sites such as Trip Advisor or The Review Centre and do your research properly before you hand over the car keys to your £20,000 pride and joy.
  5. Book direct with the parking operator. There are multiple ‘parking comparison’ websites selling on behalf of multiple parking providers. Normally you get the best price cutting out the parking comparison website (with their commission) by booking direct with the provider themselves. It cuts out potential confusion by having a middleman. These comparison sites sometimes ‘over sell’ and may have to cancel your booking at the last minute, which is the last thing you want. If you have a complaint after using a parking operator, normally the comparison website would tell you to liaise direct with the parking provider- so what’s the point of using them? It’s good to check however that the website is secure and you pay by credit card for extra protection. Certain companies even offer loyalty schemes for customers who book direct so you can get a free car wash for your next trip if you are savvy!
  1. Word of mouth recommendations – ask your family and friends who they would recommend.

Indeed, it can be a bit of a minefield when booking your Heathrow airport parking these days, but if you follow the above list you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

VIP Heathrow’s guide to easy parking.

Heathrow Airport Parking Made Easy:

If you need parking near Heathrow airport whilst you travel, at least the parking can be one less thing to stress about providing you choose carefully. Ensure your trip is as stress-free as possible by choosing VIP Heathrow Valet parking. Also known as meet and greet parking, this parking method means you are met outside the terminal at a pre-arranged time and your vehicle will be parked for you so you can go straight to check-in. No bus transfer is necessary.

VIP Heathrow Ltd is definitely a trustworthy, firm customer favourite for meet and greet car parking Heathrow, with 80% of VIP’s weekly bookings coming from customers who have used them before or who have been recommended to VIP by family / friends. So if you are flying from one of the World’s busiest airports: Heathrow – we strongly advise booking VIP Heathrow valet parking.  Make sure you opt for the VIP FLEXI or GOLD service option if travelling in peak periods or on business to ensure you get priority customer status and waiting time is kept minimal. Check out their genuine independent reviews on The Review Centre online via:

VIP is trusted by hundreds every year as cars are parked in secure off-airport car-parks which have the Park Mark award or have been VIP vetted. VIP parking Heathrow has provided great value, quality Heathrow valet parking for over 10 years. There is even CLUB VIP the loyalty scheme where customers can choose a free gift after every VIP booking*. Heathrow airport parking has never been more enjoyable! If you need secure, reliable Heathrow parking, make sure you choose (*Terms & Conditions apply).

If you require Heathrow car parking terminal 2 , Heathrow car parking terminal 3, Heathrow car parking terminal 4 or Heathrow car parking terminal 5, remember that VIP provides secure airport valet parking at all Heathrow airport terminals.

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