Brexit Effect On Travel & Future Of APD

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Latest At LHR

Latest At LHR

This article we found by TTG has some interesting points concerning the impact of an exit from the EU, thoughts on the expansion on Heathrow and also the future of APD. The ex-shadow chancellor of the ex-chequer has said he believes it would take between five and 10 years to negotiate new deals with countries – including airline agreements – if the UK votes to leave the EU. Ed Balls, who is on the Remain side, said he believed a number of countries may be reluctant to agree deals with UK-based airlines because they may want to favour their own carriers instead.

“It would take years not months to negotiate good deals. We would have to renegotiate trade agreements with everyone – I think it will take five to 10 years to do it. “The question is would we really be able to get the same deal as we could get in the European single market?” he added.

Meanwhile Balls said it was unlikely that Air Passenger Duty would be reduced or scrapped any time soon.

In terms of absence from school for family holidays, as a former secretary of state for children, schools and families, he admitted he was sympathetic to parents wanting to save money. However Balls said he was still against allowing children to miss school in order to go on holiday. Read more:

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